CPEN 211 Lecture Videos (2018)

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To help you find older lectures by topic, links to videos from the 2018 offering of CPEN 211 can be found below along with a brief description and slide numbers. Slide set numbers are listed as "ssN". Slide numbers (pNN-MM) refer to the final version of slides (posted after lecture).

Lecture videos:
Date + link
to video
Slide NumbersTopics
09-05 intro p1-end Course introduction
09-06 ss1 p1-51 What is Verilog? Module syntax; effect of noise on circuits; representing information.
09-11 ss1 p52-end; ss2 p1-11 Representing information; unsigned integers; combinational vs. sequential logic; boolean algebra; equations to gates
09-13 ss2 p11-46 NAND and NOR gates; Boolean expressions in Verilog; Busses in Verilog; Module instantiation
09-18 Flipped Lecture #1: KMaps -- video capture failed; please refer to 2017 recording here
09-19 ss2 p46-76 One hot; iterative logic design example: Arbiter; module parameters; bit-slice notation; test benches
09-20 ss2 p77-end; Lab 3 Testbench and debugging strategies; top level module; always block; SYNTHESIS RULES (Type 1)
09-25 Flipped Lecture #2: State Machines
09-27 ss5 1-44 Verilog for Finite-State Machines; Testbenches for FSMs; Better FSM Style (1)
10-02 ss5 44-end; ss6 1-20 Better FSM Style (2), SYNTHESIS RULES (Type 2); Combinational Logic - Decoder, Encoder, Mux
10-04 ss6 20-55, lab5 Mux; Shannon Expansion; FPGA internals; Factoring Muxes, Encoders and Decoders; Lab 5 introduction
10-09 ss6 56-92 Priority Encoder; Magnitude Comparator; Read-Only-Memory (ROM); Hexadecimal; Adders
10-11 ss6 92-end; ss7 1-19 Multi-bit Adder; 2's complement; Subtractor; Overflow; Casex; Datapath State Machines (Counter)
10-16 ss7 19-end Datapath State Machines (Up-down counter, Timer); Datapath/Control partitioning; Read-Write Memory (RAM)
10-18 ss8 1-39; Lab 6 CMOS Logic Gates: NFET, PFET, NOT-gate, NAND-gate; Lab 6 Introduction
10-23 Flipped lecture #3: ARM ISA (1)
10-25 Flipped lecture #4: ARM ISA (2)
10-30 ss8 39-end; ss9 1-20 CMOS Logic Gates: NOR-gate, AND-gate, Tri-state inverterr, Complex Gates; Function calls in ARM
11-1 ss9 20-77 Function calls in ARM (continued), Recursion
11-6 ss9 77-end; ss10 1-17 Recursion, ASCII, pointers and structs, optimization; I/O, polling
11-8 ss10 17-62 Interrupts and Interrupt Service Routines
11-13 ss10 62-end; ss11 1-10 Interrupts on ARM, Pre-emptive Mulitasking; Fixed-point
11-15 ss11 10-end; ss12 1-10 Error/Resolution/Accuracy, Floating-point (on ARM); Performance
11-20 ss12 10-end (pre-recorded 11-16) Processor Performance Equation, Pipelining, Structural/Data/Control Hazards

(*) = pre-recorded

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